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Cultist Simulator – Making Money

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You can make money in one of four ways:


1. Use your health card with the Work Verb to do manual labor. This isn’t recommended long-term, as this has a slight risk of turning your Health card into an Injury card, which will cost one Funds card to turn back into a Health card. Funds you won’t be able to afford. Your game will likely end soon after.


2. Use a Passion card with your Work Verb to make a painting. Sometimes this makes money. Sometimes you only get contentment. Sometimes you paint the Mansus, and that’s not a painting you want to show to strangers…


3. Use a Reason card on your Work Verb. This will open up the opportunity to work at Glover and Glover as a Junior Associate. In the long run, this is your best option for making money, but not if you stay in the Junior Associate position. To gain a promotion, you will need to run the Glover and Glover card in the Work Verb, open the Work Verb and then place a Reason card in the slot in the center of the timer. From that point on, you’ll need to keep using a reason card alongside your Glover and Glover card in order to keep making the same amount of money, which in the early game can tie up your Reason. But sometimes you will earn Erudition, which can be turned into more Reason.


4. Sell Spintria through the Work Verb. This requires money to get started and thus is not suitable for the early game. However, it can be very profitable once you’ve got the money to invest in buying books.


Probably the surest start is to use Reason with the Work Verb and get the Junior Associate card from Glover & Glover. You can get by for a bit with just that, but you won’t have much of a safety net if things go wrong. You should endeavour to build up your reason. Once you have two reason, you can rise up the ranks and start building up your nest egg.


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