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Cultist Simulator – Console Commands

Cultist Simulator - Console Commands

How to Open the Debug Console

You can open the debug console while the game is in progress by pressing CTRL+` (CTRL plus Backquote). You may have to tap backquote several times, and it works more reliably if the CTRL key is held for a moment before you press `.


The top box allows you to enter the name of an asset which other buttons operate on. These asset names are not visible in the game and need to be extracted from the game resources.


  • +1,ย -1ย andย >>30ย will give you 1, take 1, of the card type shown in the box.


  • >>30ย will immediately fast forward 30 seconds.


  • Begin Situationย will immediately fire the verb named in the box, if it exists.


  • Halt Verbย will stop the timer on the event named in the box, if it’s running.


  • Update Contentย will reload all of the game’s data files from the resource database. This is probably not useful unless you are editing the resource files.


  • End Gameย will um, end the game.


  • Loadย andย Save will immediately load and save the game. Always save before doing anything risky, so you can load if it turns out to go wrong.


  • Reset Decksย resets the status of all decks. This means that Unique items can appear again.


  • Next Trackย changes the music track playing.



Basic resources

You can use the +1 with IDs health, passion, and reason to immediately gain those things.


Enter time then click Halt Verb to stop the Time Passes event running and draining money. This may also prevent the random generation of negative statuses (like sickness) but it will also stop the random generation of positive ones (like good days).



Specific Debug Commands

Any of the following can be started by typing their name in the box and clicking “begin situation”.


_adeptskit: gives mid level fragments, ingredients and tools.


_memoryvault: retrieves all items stored as last actions.


_ascensionending: show a Grail vectory.


_arrest: show the Imprisonment ending.


_mansustest, _mansusteststag, _mansustestpeacock, mansustestgate, _mansustestspider _mansustestwhite: enter the Mansus immediately via the given gate.


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