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Cultist Simulator – Rituals

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  • Moth, Knock, Grail: summon Raw Prophet


  • Moth, Winter, corpse: infuse Burgeoning Risen


  • Moth, Edge: Passion’s Gyre convert reason to passion


  • Winter, Knock, Edge: summon Maid-in-the-Mirror


  • Winter, Knock, Forge: summon Caligine


  • Winter, Knock, Heart: summon Voiceless Dead


  • Winter, Edge, corpse: infuse Shattered Dead


  • Winter, Lantern: The End is Beautiful best not to try it


  • Edge, Knock, Lantern: summon Hint


  • Edge, Knock, Heart: summon Percussigant


  • Edge, Lantern: Reason’s Glory convert passion to reason


  • Lantern, Knock, Forge: summon King Crucible


  • Lantern, Knock, Grail: summon Second Thirst


  • Lantern, Knock, Secret: summon Baldomerian


  • Forge, Grail: Forge’s Redemption reverse decrepitude


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