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TOP 6 Games Like The Quarry

TOP 6 Games Like The Quarry

With the recent release of The Quarry, Supermassive Games’ latest horror film simulator, fans of the genre are digging through past releases to get their fix of interpersonal drama, terrifying monsters, and branching storylines. Thankfully, the choose-your-own-adventure video game genre has grown exponentially over the past decade, so there is no shortage of options for those looking to be enveloped by a unique story. If you’re finished with The Quarry already and you’re looking for something similar, you’ll find a few options on this list of the Top 6 Games Like The Quarry.



  1. Telltale’s The Walking Dead

There were probably games that used a similar format to The Quarry before this first game on our list, but none of them were as successful or as influential. Telltale’s The Walking Dead tells an original story in The Walking Dead universe and utilizes a comic book-like art style to simulate the series’ roots, rather than the AMC Original series that made it popular. If you enjoy the first chapter of this series, there are 5 “seasons” of the game, each with 5 or so episodes for you to play through, ensuring plenty of content.




  1. Until Dawn

Supermassive Games’ first title that used The Quarry’s style of gameplay was the PlayStation 4 exclusive Until Dawn. Like every Supermassive Game, Until Dawn features a number of notable actors, including Hayden Panettiere, Peter Stormare, and even Rami Malek before he was an Oscar-winning actor. If you haven’t been spoiled on Until Dawn’s story, I won’t spoil it here for you. But suffice to say that it entails teenagers, an ancient curse, horrible deaths, and terrifying monsters, all set in a snowy mountain lodge. If it sounds spooky, that’s because it is.




  1. Hidden Agenda

Another little-known Supermassive Games title is Hidden Agenda, which is another PlayStation 4 exclusive. It utilizes unique gameplay mechanics like PlayLink to engage friends and family along with the person holding the controller. The PlayLink feature allows other people to join your game in the form of voting on critical decisions you’ll have to make throughout the game. There is also a competitive mode that will give one of the extra players a secret objective, or a “Hidden Agenda” that will create a difficult situation for the other players. It is then up to the other players to counteract the Hidden Agenda and find out who tried to sabotage them.




  1. Beyond: Two Souls

Before Supermassive Games made Until Dawn, Quantic Dream was making games that emulated different kinds of movies. One of those games, Beyond: Two Souls, starred a major Hollywood actor in a story that encompasses their entire life, and how a spiritual sibling was always there with them. Many different kinds of stories are contained within this one game. It has action, romance, and even supernatural elements. Going from The Quarry to Beyond: Two Souls will show a clear lineage of the genre, and how far it has advanced.




  1. Heavy Rain

Like the previous game on this list, Heavy Rain was also developed by Quantic Dream. Originally developed for the PlayStation 3, this game pushed the boundaries of the hardware at the time, and is remembered as one of the games that showed what that console was really capable of in terms of graphics quality and fidelity. Its story is told from multiple different perspectives throughout, and the many characters you will interact with and play as all have something to do with the core story, which is revealed in a heart-wrenching twist towards the end. Some scenes in the game won’t be for the squeamish, but they all serve the purpose of the story being told.




  1. The Dark Pictures Anthology

Finally, the best place to go after The Quarry would be to Supermassive Games’ previously released, ongoing series The Dark Pictures Anthology. The series currently features 3 games, all of which are inspired by iconic horror movies while telling their own tales. The first, Man of Medan, was released in 2019 and told a story inspired by Ghost Ship. The second was Little Hope, a Silent Hill-esque yarn released in 2020. The “Mummy” inspired House of Ashes was released in 2021, and The Devil in Me is scheduled to be released later this year. Each game has major actors in its cast and features similar mechanics to The Quarry and Until Dawn, namely the relationship system and branching storylines. Each game offers several hours of enjoyment on a single playthrough, and the branching storylines ensure that each one also has quite a bit of replay value. So, if you’re looking for a Supermassive Games fix, The Dark Pictures Anthology is a must-buy.



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