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Playing Through DOOM on Ultra Nightmare Takes Just Under Five Hours


It turns out that the new Doom is not a long game by any means. In fact, if you run through it at the dizzying pace we’ve seen in trailers and preview footage, even on the hardest Ultra Nightmare difficulty mode, it will take you less than five hours to make it all the way through.


That’s what Youtuber ZeroMaster did, managing not to die once. Indeed if he had, he’d have had to restart from the beginning, which makes his frantic pace through the game all the more impressive.


Indeed his weapon switching to conserve ammo and to avoid reload times is a big part of why he’s able to stay so fast-paced throughout the run, only occasionally stopping to catch his breath and find his bearings. The choice of upgrades and unlocks is also very deliberate, allowing for maximum damage while maintaining strong health and armor throughout.


Still, less than five hours for a campaign? That does seem like quite a short run. Considering the gameplay length we’ve seen from other contemporary games, you have to ask yourself if there is more value for money to be had elsewhere.


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