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Doom Eternal Hell On Earth – Toy Locations Guide

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Toy Locations

Toy 1

This is the first collectible you’ll find in the level. You’ll find this one behind some bars just past the chainsaw. To get to its location, go to where the chainsaw was and go left to find a cracked wall. Go through the wall and proceed through the path. At the end, jump up and pick up the Zombie Earth toy.



Toy 2

After picking up Modbot #2, you’ll come across a cracked green wall. Punch through it and immediately double-jump to the floor above. You’ll find the Doom Slayer toy to the left.



Toy 3

After acquiring the Heavy Cannon you’ll have an enemy encounter. After that, you’ll see a store with “Scott” written above the entrance. Go left from here and look for the neon sign “ShuZ”.


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