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MapleStory 2 – Life Skills Guide

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Life Skills

You access your life skills through three tabs on the Life Skills button at the bottom right. There are 10 life skills for you to level up each day:



-Four gather skills: Mining, ranching, foraging & farming


-Four craft skills: Smithing, handicrafts, alchemy & cooking


-Two leisure skills: Interior design & pet taming



You can farm/ranch more times in your own home than in someone else’s. If you max out each of the items in your own home to ‘Impossible’, you can still visit someone else’s house to get a few additional times until you also reach ‘Impossible’ on theirs. After you reach ‘Impossible’, on both, you will be out of tries until this resets for the day.



TIP! Before starting any life skill leveling, try checking your inventory’s Consumable tab first to see if you have any curio items to use to boost your EXP gains! These are items like: Marjoram supplement, iron mail chain gloves, lavender crystal, pumpkin seasoning, etc. You can save these until you have a lot of leveling to do so that they aren’t wasted!



TIP! When using curio items to make gains, look over what you have available to farm or craft first and do the things that will get you higher Master Granted first. The duration of normal curios are typically pretty short.



TIP! Curio items that you use to boost your rank can be made so you may want to do those first! For example, if you have a lot of Ranching to do and you don’t have any Zinc Chain Mail Gloves left to increase your ranching by 100% for 40 sec, then go to the Smithing tab and make those first. Prioritize! Refer to the list below to see what curio items you can use.



TIP! There is an Auto-Gathering badge (Inventory > Badges tab, if you have) you can equip that will continuously gather your items until they are gone.




Mining foraging are done in areas outside of player housing. As you level up, you will eventually unlock Berg Island (mining) & Alkimi island (forgaging), which you can access on the docks on Lith Harbor after doing a very short quest that will pop up as an exclamation on your character’s head at the bottom right of your screen. If you do not yet have these islands, the best way to find where you should go is to access the Life Skills menu, pick an item and click the link on the map listed under Known Locations. You can then go to that map and use the mini-map at the top right to look for the mining/shovel icons.




Farming ranching are done in player housing. You can add farm items as well as animals to ranch to your own home by going to Start Furnishing, then the Life Skills tab at the bottom. These unlock as you increase in rank. You can also visit other players houses to farm on their land!




Crafting can be done in the Life Skills menu while you are on any map. It’s important to hover over the materials you are using to craft as it will tell you if those materials are also used in any other crafts – then you can prioritize your materials if you’re limited. For example, if you hover over Mined Opal under Smithing > Zinc Chain Mail Gloves, you’ll find that the mined opal is also used to make many other Smithing & Handicrafts items
TIP! Crafting can be a bit more straining on your computer. I typically craft when I know I have some down-time and am not on a heavily populated map




Here is a list of curios you can use to boost your Life Skills in order of least powerful to most powerful:

  • -Mining curios (Made by Handicrafts): Chicken feather pouch, pigskin pouch, woolen pouch, deer hide pouch, eagle feather pouch, griffin feather pouch.



  • -Smithing curios (Made by Smithing): Opal smithing slate, sapphire smithing slate, diamond smithing slate, amethyst smithing slate, amber smithing slate, pearl smithing slate.



  • -Handicraft curios (Made by Handicrafts): Snail shell handicraft slate, milky handicraft slate, turtle shell handicraft slate, longhorn handicraft slate, horsehoe handicraft slate, dragon horn handicraft slate.



  • -Farming curios (Made by Alchemy): Marjoram supplement, rosemary supplement, mandarin supplement, tea supplement, bergamot supplement, patchouli supplement.



  • -Alchemy curios (Made by Alchemy): Lavender crystal, lemon balm crystal, jasmine crystal, oregano crystal, basil crystal.



  • -Cooking curios (Made by Cooking): Pumpkin seasoning, pine mushroom seasoning, green onion seasoning, medicinal mushroom seasoning, cucumber seasoning, agaric mushroom seasoning.



  • -Foraging curios (Made by Cooking): Rice chips, apple chips, orange chips, banana chips, tomato chips, pear chips.



  • -Ranching curios (Made Smithing): Copper chain mail gloves, zinc chain mail gloves, iron chain mail gloves, nickel chain mail gloves, tungsten chain mail gloves, cobalt chain mail gloves.


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