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MapleStory 2 – Lubelisk Guide (Hard Dungeon)

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Lubelisk Guide (Hard Dungeon)

Lubelisk has 3 stages in the dungeon, they’re really easy once you get the hang of it and it doesn’t require a priest to clear. At least 1 ranged DPS is required, 2 preferred.




Stage 1 consists of the main boss Varrekant and a bunch of spawned mobs.



The small mobs fire homing attacks that reduce your damage by 25%, stacking 3 times up to 75%. The big dog looking mobs have an attack that throws you around stunning you and changing the direction your character is facing.



Varrekant spawns these mobs a lot so unless you want to be constantly thrown around and have a -75% damage debuff, the best thing to do is have 2 or 3 members killing all the mobs as soon as they spawn, depending on how fast you can clear them all, and have at least 1 member stick to the boss.



After you kill the mobs, have everyone start attacking the boss until he spawns some more. Rinse and repeat.





In Stage 2, Varrekant spawns two Echoes of himself, 1 yellow and 1 red.



The yellow Echo always jumps to the bottom left, and the red always jumps to the bottom right as soon as they spawn.



Varrekant heals his Echoes as long as he isn’t in combat, so make sure to have one person stick to him. Have your two highest DPS members kill an Echo together, while one person is on the other Echo. Move on to the other Echo if Varrekant’s shield is still up after killing the first. If his shield is down, have the 3 members attack Varrekant while one member stays on the 2nd Echo.



Varrekant respawns these Echoes when they die, so as soon as they respawn repeat the strategy. The Echoes can knock off Varrekant’s shield with their charges laser attack, so if they’re charging it up bait it towards him.



Note that if you don’t stay in combat with the Echoes, they’ll throw attacks at you that stunlock and pretty much instant kill you, while Varrekant will heal them back to max HP when not in combat , which is why you need to have at least one member fighting each one.





In the final stage (Stage 3), Varrekant breaks the ground and summons flying mobs that can’t be reached as a melee character. This is why I suggest bringing 2 ranged DPS, but if not 2 at least 1.



The flying mobs kick you, which knock you back and also throw out the homing orbs that reduce your damage by 25% stacking up to 75%. Have your ranged DPS kill the flying mobs as soon as they respawn, and your Melee on Varrekant himself. This stage is fairly easy as it’s mostly just trying to kill the boss by himself. You do have to have a little bit of control with your jumping as he constantly reorganizes the map to have holes in the ground.


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