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MapleStory 2 – Tronix Bunker Dungeon Guide

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Tronix Bunker Dungeon Guide

When you’re first introduced to the two first mini-bosses after entering the dungeon you are able to skip the cutscene and walk right after pressing ESC (to skip the cutscene) even before the screen goes back from the mini-bosses to your character, that way you can just maximize your speed.



And on the first stage, do NOT fight any of the mobs you’re up against right after starting the dungeon, remember, that it is not required to proceed. all you have to do is just hit the switch and only then you will be able to continue.



Right after that, you’ll have the same thing but with two switches instead of one, as said above, just ignore the monsters and hit the switches.



Now this is the most important part that you do not want to skip.


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Right after hitting the 2 switches you need to grab the batteries on the ground, (one for each member of the party) and that is super important because when you will proceed to the mini-bosses on the portal ahead, you can actually throw these batteries at the mini-bosses and ideally you want to hit BOTH of them by throwing it between the two bosses and it’ll deal around 68k-70k dmg. have that amount of damage multiplied by 4 since we’re assuming that all the members are holding a battery to throw at the mini-bosses. It’ll help you clear the stage super fast, no doubt.



So after you killed the two of them, you will enter the next stage, the final boss. He is not tricky at all and very easy to dodge once you get the hang of his attacks.



His first and basic attack is “marking” you with a flashlight, or more like, the place he’s going to shoot his cannons at, it has a delay so you can just walk out of it with your dash.



Another attack is his landmines. when he deploys his landmines, note that it will never land on your directly if you haven’t moved from your place. The boss is just gonna try to lure you into it.



A third attack of his, is his “beam” attack, he’s charging up his laser cannon and then shoots it from his close ground to far away and you’ll see red squares that will damage you if you keep standing on those red blocks. those red blocks are created from his laser beam that he fired.


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Another attack he can preform is a “rush” attack. He would float in place, charging up his speed and then just fly straight towards you. once again, it’s very easy to dodge if you time it properly because sometimes he would redirect to your position again before he launches forward to you.



And at the end of his dash he will leave a “cross” (more like a + than a cross) on the ground, that turns into fire, and again, it will turn red so you would notice and have time to move away.



The next attack that he uses is a bunch of scattered lasers that he shoots. It has no crowd control, meaning you can just face tank it, and it’s hitbox is somewhat weird since it sometimes (and it happened to me) just passes through you without dealing any damage to you.



The next move is the most deadliest one but again, easy to dodge. The boss will jump to the very corner of the screen, (upper left, right, or bottom left/right) and shoot up a map-wide laser beam across the map, after that, he will jump to another corner and will shoot another one to create a big X that will leave a trail of fire, so do not stand on it. Right after that he will jump to the middle and just stand there and do nothing for about 3 seconds or just spam his landmine attacks, and while he’s at it, it’s your chance to dish out a good amount of damage before he jumps anywhere else.


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