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MapleStory 2 – Fire Dragon (Hard Dungeon) Guide

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Fire Dragon (Hard Dungeon)

The mechanics are easy, the gameplay is hard. Makes no sense, but does at one point. What I mean, is that the mechanics are easy overall, but the gameplay and the learning curve will be hard in the first run or second, right? it’s only natural not to understand what’s going on in the first time unless you’ve watched guides and know what’s coming; that being said, the gameplay will only be hard because it’s a first time thing, you’ll get the hang of the mechanics easily and then develop your skills through learning the attacks and the objectives.



Normally you would want to jump right in with a Priest, since Priests can help allies tank consistent damage from bosses, which is one of the types of attack that the Fire Dragon (the boss aka Pyrros Fard) can preform. However you can go without a Priest to gain more DPS but making them team not able to tank as much damage and forcing them to play safe on the last stage.



The first stage is very simple, like all the other bosses, he will preform a specific set of attacks on the first stage, and another on the last stage.



His first attack is a dash. A consistent one, meaning that he will dash a couple of times and then stop. You’ll know he’s about to dash towards you once you see some sort of a marker on your character, like this:


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He’ll dash about 3-8 times, it’s just an estimate so you get what I mean by “a couple of times”, and just 2-4 times.



His second attack is a charged dash. Just like the first attack, but only once, and very easy to know and see that he’s about to preform that attack; he’ll charge with a little backwards step and then just dash forward, dealing damage to whoever stands infront of him and knocks them up in the air.


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His third attack is Fire breath…. that’s it, the name says it all, he’ll charge up his breath, following by a fire breath? It’s just a thing to watch out for once he starts the animation, you’ll see.



After preforming these attacks, once he gets to a certain amount of HP, he’ll add up more attacks to his arsenal;



The first attack that Pyrros gains is that when he gets to a corner (you’ll see him running to a random corner out of the 4), he’ll swing his tail across half of the arena, it can be detected easily when seeing him charging that attack up. and if you are on a side platform, the ones with the fairy NPCs, you should be able to simply drop over there and avoiding his tail. If you are far away from a fairy platform, you’ll just have to get as much distance from him and let him swipe his tail.



Right after the tail swipe, comes tail stomp. he’ll charge his tail upwards and leave a marked area on the floor which Pyrros’ gonna hit. He’s gonna preform it 3 times, and is very easy to dodge.



Another added attack, is a stun leap. Pyrros will jump about 3 times before landing on the ground, causing to all the players within his height to get stunned for 5-/+ seconds. It can be blocked easily if going down to the fairy spot, which is a lower platform than Pyrros’ platform. or, you can use the broken blocks in the ground that will be broken after a certain attack by Pyrros that causes the blocks to break. It could be used as a hiding spot.



A similar attack is another leap, but right after the leap, Pyrros will just begin rolling on the floor like the cute dog he is and dealing damage to all players that are close to him, basically he’s going to squash you if you stand near him while he’s rolling.



The last attack is a laser beam, the most deadly one. Pyrros will stand up on 2 legs with his head to the corner, firing a laser beam across the map. A way to avoid it is to eitherway jump off the platform and hang on the wall, or go beneath a block that has been destroyed by his attacks.



Think quickly, or you’ll die in 1 shot or sometimes 2 shots if you’re lucky.

Beware of the fire effect you have after getting hit by some of Pyrros’ attacks, they will burn you over time and it can stack, causing you to lose more HP over time; in that case, you’ll jump to the fairy, who’ll remove the debuff and stop the fire, after that, you should jump back to fight.


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Now’s the time for the last stage, the easiest with a Priest.


The first attack of the last stage is a map-wide fire breath.



Usually, with a Priest, you can just tank it, and ignore the fire breath since the Priest will be out-healing the damage you get and therefore save on potions.



If there’s no Priest then you should get to the bottom left side of the map, behind a pillar, it’s a place within a far range from Pyrros’ fire breath attack. You go there incase you don’t have a Priest.



The second attack is fireball barrage; Pyrros will spit out fireballs beneath you, causing the block beneath you to be marked for 2 seconds and explode right after, so you should have a fair amount of time to escape that.



The last attacks are simply the same ones as before; Tail stomp and Tail swipe + Laser beam and fire breath.



That’s about it, you should be having an easy time fighting him after a practice or two; after that, it’ll be a piece of cake. it’ll just demand some time to kill him since he spawns with 49M~ HP



Good luck on getting those epic items that you need!


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