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Dota Underlords – Early Game Strategy & Tips

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Early Game Strategy & Tips

It is advisable to start with heroes that have greater health and can take more beating than other weaker units. This will allow you to survive until later on to add more Heroes and devise a strategy depending on the table.


While positioning your heroes, keep the brute and stronger characters in the front with weaker heroes behind them to guard them against any initial assault.


There are also some characters that immediately jump through the front line and attack heroes in the back. Look out for these and try to make two lines of defense, keeping weaker higher damaging units far back to keep them protected and engaged.


Streaks are also very important in the game. You gain gold forever win after a 3-win streak and the amount doubles after another 3-win streak. It means winning in streaks will allow you to make stronger decks.


Losing streaks also reward gold. If you see that you are weaker, it better to lose, keeping your required heroes safe to gain some gold at the end and come back stronger.


Keeping gold and not spending it, every time has an advantage too, as you earn interest in any gold not spent in a round. The interest is received after each round.


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