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How to Play Dota Underlords?

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How to Play Dota Underlords?

Each match has eight players fighting against each other in random order. Each player has 100 HP, and each defeat costs a few points, the amount of which depends on the remaining number of opponent’s chess pieces. The winner is the player who manages to defeat all of his opponents.


The way to the victory is paved by the economy, heroes, their experience, and RNG. There isn’t a single flawless kind of mechanics since every match has a lot of randomness to it. Heroes can fight unsuccessfully, they can take the wrong routes, or simply cast their abilities inefficiently. The pool of heroes between the rounds is also randomized, which means you won’t necessarily get the hero you desire. In such circumstances, the main task for the player is to minimize the randomness.


Each turn lasts 30 seconds, and you won’t have enough time to learn all the parameters. However, the actions you take don’t require full control – you can rely on the mouse solely. There’re hotkeys, of course, but you can easily play the game with one hand.


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