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Dota Underlords – Scrappy Strategy Guide

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Scrappy Strategy

Scrappy lineups received a nerf in the last patch, which is strange considering they are used only in low-tier games.


Like the Goblin strategy in Auto Chess, the Scrappy start in Underlords is unreliable because it heavily depends on getting Techies as fast as possible, which you cannot get every game. That’s the reason they received the second-lowest Reliability score.




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Units: Tinker, Clockwerk, Bounty Hunter, Timbersaw, Alchemist, Shadow Fiend, Techies


Synergies: (6) Scrappy, (4) Inventors, (2) Warlocks


A (3) Scrappy opening is quite strong, especially with the Inventors global item, which makes them deal AoE damage on death. This should make it possible to start the game on a winning streak and increase your levels faster than your opponents in search of Techies. If you are successful in finding him fast enough, you can possibly ride this wave to victory – with the (6) Scrappy Alliance bonus; you are quite strong in the late game even after the recent nerf.


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