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Dota Underlords – Savages Strategy Guide

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Savages Strategy

Savages are strong, but a bit unreliable because of their heavy reliance on items like Tooth and Neil (which gives a stackable DoT debuff).




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Units: Tusk, Lycan, Pudge, Enchantress, Lone Druid, Venomancer, Necrophos, Sand King


Synergies: (6) Savages, (3) Warriors, (2) Druids, (2) Warlocks, (2) Heartless


Knowing the strategy is a good idea because you can go for two strong strategies out of a (3) Warriors + (2) Druids opening. If you get the Tooth and Neil item, you can go for (6) Savages like in this example. If you don’t, you can go for the more standard (6) Warriors into (4) Savages.


The benefit of this core lineup is that it easily benefits from multiple secondary synergies – Warlocks, Druids, Heartless, and Warriors. This way your lineup is well-rounded. It deals decent damage because of (6) Savages + (2) Heartless (which can easily become (4) Heartless with Fall from Grace), and decent tankiness and sustain thanks to (3) Warriors + (2) Warlocks.


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