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Dota Underlords – Useful Tips & Tricks for Beginners

Dota Underlords – Useful Tips & Tricks for Beginners

  • Don’t be afraid to change Alliances on the fly. Sure you may have started out with a good run of Scrappy units, but if you suddenly get the chance to switch into Assassins, and that seems like it will be better at winning the game then go for it. You’re rarely locked into a strategy until the late game starts. And don’t stick with an Alliance just because you got an early global item for it, forcing into Demon Hunters and Demons because you got the Strange Bedfellows item early isn’t always a great move, if the units just aren’t there for you.


  • Tapping on the right hand side of an entry in the kill feed at the top of the screen will “YO!” that item and send an audible “Yo” to opponents. It serves basically no point, but it’s fun to try and get into opponent’s heads by yo-ing everything they do.


  • You get one gold interest at the end of every round for every 10 gold you have when it starts. So if you start the round with 10 gold you’ll get an extra gold at the end of it. Start with 20 and you’ll get 2 gold, and so on. This is however capped at 5 gold, so holding onto more than 50 gold is rarely worth it. Spend that cash, up your level or try and grab some new heroes and you’ll still be making maximum dollar.


  • And finally, you can switch mid game between mobile and PC. So if you decide to kick things off on the PC version and then nature calls, you can simply grab your iOS or Android device and continue playing while on the toilet. Then you can even come back to the PC version when you are done. The future really is great, isn’t it?


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