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Dominions 6: Terrain

Dominions 6: Terrain

In Domininos 6, terrain really matters – it affects your income, resources, supply & magic sites. It’s super important to get the hang of each terrain to manage your empire right.



Terrain Types


Farmland’s your economic powerhouse, lots of people means big income. But, it’s not perfect; you usually find fewer resources and not many magic sites.




Highlands are the opposite of farmland: fewer people but plenty of resources. Magic sites are more of a rare find.




Plains are your average terrain, no big pros or cons in terms of population, resources, or magic sites.




Mountains are rich in resources and magic sites but don’t expect a large population.


Tip: Focus on mountains for resources and magic, but make sure to compensate for the low population with more populated terrains.




Similar to mountains, forests have fewer people but are resource-rich and have lots of magic sites.




Swamps have a very low population and limited resources, but are rich in magic sites.




What are they like? Wastes have an extremely low population, scarce resources, but plenty of magic sites.




Rivers mean lots of freshwater, boosting the population of adjacent lands. But, they usually have limited resources and magic sites.



Sea, Deep Sea, Kelp Forest The lowdown:

Water terrains vary – the sea has few people, deep sea very few but with lots of resources, and kelp forest a higher population. Magic sites vary too.


Strategy? Water terrains need special skills to manage. They offer unique opportunities, especially for magic exploration.



Gorge, Cave, Drip Cave, Crystal Cave, Forest Cave Characteristics

These terrains vary in population and resources, but generally, they’re rich in magic sites.



Overview of Terrain Types: Benefits and Drawbacks

Terrain Population Resources Magic Sites
Farmland very high low few
Mountain Ranges excellent many
Forest low high many
Highlands low high
Swamp very low many
Waste extremely low abundant
River high
Sea low
Deep Sea very low high many
Forest high
Gorge low high abundant
Cave low
Drip Cave excellent
Crystal Cave very low high abundant
Forest Cave high many



Moving Around: Terrain and Troop Movement

Movement in Domininos 6 is tricky and depends a lot on the terrain type.


Ground Units Movement Cost: Each terrain has its own movement cost. For example, plains need 3, forests and wastes 5, highlands 6, swamps 7, and various caves range from 4 to 7.


Modifiers: Movement costs can change due to things like enemy presence, snow conditions, and roads.


Flying Units: These have different movement costs and usually find it easier to move across most terrains, but struggle in caves.



Understanding Troops Movement Points

Different troops, different speeds:


  • Heavy Infantry: Solid but slow with 8 points.


  • Light Infantry and Slow Flier: Quicker with 14 points.


  • Light Cavalry and Flier: Fast with 20 points.


  • Unicorn and Fast Flier: Super fast with 26 points.


  • Commanders: Get a +2 bonus on their movement points.



Terrain Survival Skills: A Big Advantage

Troops with specific terrain skills, like forest, swamp, or waste survival, move through these terrains easier… this gives you a big edge in moving through tough terrains efficiently.


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