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Battlefield 1 To Get Free DLC Soon After Launch

Battlefield 1 To Get Free DLC Soon After Launch

While Infinite Warfare might have used the launch of its first trailer to sell players on its special editions, with the promise of a limited exclusive remastering of Call of Duty Modern Warfare, DICE, and EA games used the trailer for Battlefield 1 to instead announce a free DLC release that will come soon after the game debuts later this year.


Traditionally Battlefield’s DLC has been rather excessive, giving maps, weapons, skins, and much more, though that has meant the community, though large, has been split between content on the same game.


With Battlefield 1 though, the game will be given a free dose of DLC right after launch. This is something that’s becoming more common with major developers and BF1 seems to be doing the same.


Yes there will be pre-order bonuses, yes there are exclusive editions and there will be a number of paid-for DLC releases in the future, but some of that will be to give players early access to maps and updates, rather than just limiting those who paid for it to the new content.


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