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Battlefield 1 – Field Manual locations


Search the indicated locations in the campaign to find the Field Manuals:



War Story 1: Through Mud And Blood

Over The Top

1. After capturing all three points in the village, proceed up the hill and across the roads until you reach the exterior wall of fortifications made with logs standing on end. Near the exterior wall, exit is a weapon station tent with used shells scattered around and the first manual.


2. In the town under bombardment, move to the fortified church on the right side to find a makeshift hospital/barrack inside the structure. Near the large pots is a crate with the manual.


3. There is another crate at the chapel —- leave through the back entrance. Then, turn right (left if you are facing the chapel) to find the manual crate along the exterior of the church structure, next to a large green metal wheel.


4. At Point D, the farm with trenches dug through the premises, is a manual crate near the home on the right, on the grass between the structure and the trench.


5. Follow the road up from the outpost. The road to the left leads up a hill, and contains abandoned cars with AT guns. On the ground next to one of the AT guns is the final manual for this mission, which is right before the bridge at the end of the mission.



Fog Of War

1. When you are fighting through the gun emplacements past the wooden bridge early in the mission, there will be two field guns —- the path strays left into the forest. When it does, turn right and proceed up the hill to find a manual crate.


2. In the old church stone ruins (with the arches above ground), enter the bunker basement and look in the back left corner, opposite the generator, to find a manual.


3. At the heavy bridge with metal girders built over the small creek, look under the bridge (on the far end) for a small flatland with a manual.


4. When you reach the hill with the large concrete bunkers, enter the far left bunker to find a manual crate inside.


5. In the same area as the fourth manual is a small supply depot on the right from the entrance path. Look near the road, behind mounds of dirt, to find a small manual crate near the larger supply crates.




1. Proceed towards the objective in the muddy village with the objective at the center. Before going straight for the white objective marker, look in the shack door in the back left corner of the block to find a manual.


2. Go down the hill and look inside the windmill — there is a dirt path and a fence between the first manual and the windmill containing the second manual. Climb to the top of the mill to find the manual crate.


3. There is a refueling station and repair depot for tanks in the village below (and right) of the windmill containing the second manual. Go to the fourth-floor attic of the large building directly next to the tank repair station in the village, and look behind the traps to find a manual crate.


4. In the same town as the last manual, go to the main street to find a two-story building with an MG turret in the corner window facing the village’d main street entrance. The Cavalry Sword is located under a table near the corner door. Go upstairs to the MG nest to find the manual crate behind some furniture.


5. Start from the location of the first manual and proceed right instead of left. Up the street (with the stone bridge over a creek) on the right side of the village, before entering the main area, look for a farm house with a fenced backyard and an army tent in the back left corner. Opposite of the tent is a storage shack with a manual crate.



Steel On Steel

1. On the outskirts of town, look in the windmill to find a manual crate. You must exit your tank to enter the windmill. This is the upper-most windmill, before going down the hill towards the town.


2. From the previous windmill, go down the hill, past the destroyed encampment, and proceed right towards the river. There is another windmill further down (next to the water) with a manual in the same location.


3. Go to the windmill on the left side from the start (opposite of the second manual, or left of the first manual) to find it down the hill, around the same elevation as the second manual.


4. Proceed through the town. As you exit the main cluster of structures, you will reach a fourth windmill on the right of the street, next to the river with the stone bridge, where the fourth manual is located.


5. From the location of the fourth manual, look in the distance for another windmill across the valley on a hill overlooking the next cluster of buildings, to the right as you move forward. That is the area where the final manual can be found. Cross the stone bridge and go up the hill to reach it.


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