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Battlefield 2042 Controls (PS4 & PS5)

Battlefield 2042 Controls (PS4 & PS5)

Battlefield 2042 comes with over a dozen presets for buttons and stick controls that you can toggle through to find something that fits your playstyle, with each option changing the preset controller layout functionality from the Default setting.


When using a DualShock® 4 & 5 or DualSense™ Controller in Battlefield 2042 on default settings, its buttons have the following commands (these settings can be adjusted in the Controller Settings Options menu):




Move:  Left Stick Zoom:  L2
Sprint:  Left Stick (Click) Fire:  R2
Look:  Right Stick Switch Primary/Secondary Weapon:  Triangle
Melee:  Right Stick (Click) Specialty:  Left Directional Button
Crouch:  Circle Open Gadget:  Right Directional Button
Prone:  Circle (Hold) Grenade:  Up Directional Button
Slide:  Circle (While sprinting) Reload:  Square
Jump:  Cross Call-In Menu:  R1 (Hold) + Select Call-Ins
Vault:  Cross + Move towards the obstacle Full Map:  Touchpad (Press)
Enter/Exit Vehicles:  Square Menu:  Options Button
Revive:  Square (Hold) Swap Seat (Vehicle):  Cross
Plus Menu:  L1 (Hold)
Comorose/Ping:  R1 (Hold)


You can also refer to the controls screenshot below:



Control Scheme;

Battlefield 2042 Controls (PS4 & PS5)


We hope you found this guide helpful. Are there any button bindings on the PS4 & PS5 that we missed? Please let us know in the comments section below. We will update this guide as soon as your comment is approved.


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