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10 Ways to Make Money in Star Citizen

10 Ways to Make Money in Star Citizen

Looking to fatten up your wallet in the immense cosmos of Star Citizen? Your search ends here! In this guide, we’ll dive into 10 unique ways to stack credits (also known as UEC) and grow your riches within the game. Whether you’re a rookie exploring the stars or a seasoned pro, these pointers will assist you in boosting your income and attaining your financial aspirations. So, let’s embark on this exciting journey!



Master the trading game

Becoming a savvy trader in Star Citizen entails purchasing goods at bargain prices and selling them at a profit, either within the same locale or different ones. To excel in trading, research the market thoroughly and stay informed about the prices of various items. Additionally, you should comprehend supply and demand dynamics and foresee market fluctuations.


To kick off, familiarize yourself with in-game commodities, their prices, and popular trading hubs. Online resources such as the Star Citizen Reddit page or the Trading and Commerce Discord channel can prove helpful. Once you have a firm grip on the market, scout for opportunities to buy low and sell high. Patience, persistence, and taking calculated risks are key to a prosperous trading venture.



Conquer missions & contracts

Missions and contracts, provided by NPCs or players, are another way to rake in the dough. First, invest in a suitable ship for your preferred mission type. Check the Mission Board for available tasks or use the Job Board app to browse and apply for player-created contracts. Be cautious of each mission’s requirements and risks for a steady income flow.



Salvage your way to riches

The vast expanse of Star Citizen offers countless opportunities for enterprising individuals to discover valuable materials hidden within abandoned ships and derelict stations. These forgotten relics can be treasure troves of rare and valuable items, ripe for the taking by those willing to put in the effort to locate and explore them.


Begin your scavenging journey by scanning the surrounding areas, employing your ship’s radar and scanning tools to detect any signs of wreckage or abandoned structures. Be thorough and patient, as the most rewarding discoveries often lie off the beaten path and may require diligent exploration to uncover.


In addition to your own search efforts, keep an eye on mission boards for salvage missions posted by NPCs or other players. These tasks can lead you directly to locations ripe for salvaging, providing clear objectives and, often, substantial rewards for the successful recovery of valuable materials.


Once you’ve located a promising site, approach it with caution and be prepared to face potential hazards, such as hostile forces, environmental dangers, or structural instability. Bring along the necessary tools and equipment, such as cutting torches, cargo containers, and repair kits, to ensure that you can efficiently extract and transport the precious materials you discover.



Mine your way to wealth

Mining in Star Citizen is a lucrative endeavor that involves extracting valuable resources from asteroids, planets, and other celestial bodies, then selling them for a profit. To become a successful miner you’ll need to invest in the appropriate equipment, such as mining lasers, scanners & extraction tools, as well as a ship that’s capable of handling the rigors of mining operations.


Locating resource-rich areas is essential for maximizing your profits. Explore the universe, and keep an eye out for lucrative mining spots. Some areas may be more dangerous than others, so always be mindful of potential hazards, such as hostile players, volatile materials, or environmental challenges.


Star Citizen: Basic Mining Guide


Collaborating with fellow miners can significantly boost your efficiency and yield. Forming a mining team or joining a mining organization allows you to pool resources, share information about profitable mining locations, and provide support to one another in case of danger. A coordinated mining operation can yield far greater profits than going at it alone, making teamwork a valuable investment in your mining endeavors.



Engage in thrilling events

Participate in developer-hosted events, like combat tournaments or racing competitions, for unique rewards and UEC. These events can range from combat tournaments to racing competitions, so be on the lookout for announcements on the official Star Citizen website or social media pages.



Stay vigilant on the market scene

Star Citizen’s in-game economy is a whirlwind of change as market conditions and prices continuously shift due to player activities, supply & demand, along with various other aspects. To optimize your earnings and guarantee the accomplishment of your assorted ventures, it’s essential to remain current with these alterations and modify your tactics as needed.


Take advantage of in-game instruments, such as market terminals and trading consoles to keep track of commodity, product, and service prices. These tools supply real-time data on the existing economic environment, enabling you to pinpoint lucrative opportunities and make well-informed choices. It’s wise to also harness the power of third party tools and resources for a more profound insight into the game’s economic panorama. Websites, apps, and player-led platforms can deliver precious information on market patterns, price shifts and trading prospects.



Collaborate with player-run organizations and businesses

Working for or creating your own player-run organization can be a lucrative venture. Join or establish corporations, participate in player-run events, or invest in player-run businesses for potential profit.



Embrace the pirate’s life (with caution)

Though not for everyone, piracy and theft can prove rewarding. Raid ships and stations, then sell the spoils on the black market. Beware of legal repercussions and hostility from other players. Engaging in piracy may tarnish your reputation and hinder your participation in other in-game activities.



Dive into virtual real estate

Buy and sell property, such as ships and land, in Star Citizen. If you’ve got the funds, invest and later sell for a profit.



Turn your fleet into a rental business

Generate passive income by renting your ships to other players for a fee. Bear in mind that rentals come with default equipment and full insurance, but customizing the ship’s equipment is off-limits.


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