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Tips to Survive in Outlast 2

Tips to Survive in Outlast 2

If you want to survive in Outlast 2, you’re going to need to use your wits and your skills in stealth to survive the nightmare and rescue your wife.



Learn When and Where to Hide

Hiding isn’t an instant win for Blake. If an enemy sees you run off into the water, or into a patch of grass, or if they even managed to somehow see you ducking into a barrel, they will find you. Because of this, you’ll want to hide when you’re sure that nobody is looking for you. It should also be mentioned that hiding doesn’t guarantee you won’t be found. In fact, some enemies go out of their way to check hiding spots like barrels, streams, and even under beds and carts. Make sure you always have a backup hiding place, and you should be able to make it out with all your fingers attached.



Conserve Your Batteries

It can be tempting to run around with Night Vision and SoundTracking on all the time but don’t fall for this ploy. Instead, don’t be afraid to let the darkness in a little bit. It will save your batteries, and allow you to use your camera longer when you really need it. Trust us, there’s nothing worse than running out of batteries when a really dark hallway is waiting around the corner. It’s not a fun experience.



Search Everywhere

It may be tempting to just run through the game and ignore the plethora of buildings waiting to be explored. Don’t do that. Instead, crouch and sneak your way through the game. This will keep enemies from spotting you as easily, and also allow you to search nearby buildings and houses for much-needed items like bandages, batteries, and even documents or recordings. Yes, it is dangerous, and it can absolutely lead to you being gutted by a rusty machete. But, at the end of the day, this is the only way you’re going to find any items worth finding.



Pay Attention to Your Screen

You don’t have to keep your camera up all the time to spot documents and recordings. In fact, when you’re looking at recordings, you will actually receive a notification in the middle of your screen. This notification, which looks like a camera, is easy to miss during intense moments, so keep an eye out and it will warn you of a nearby recording that you can capture.


You should also pay attention to any enemy movements like flashlight beams, glowing eyes, and other telltale signs that a cultist might be nearby.


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