Outlast 2 Guide: Finding Batteries & Bandages - Healing Tips - Magic Game World

Outlast 2 Guide: Finding Batteries & Bandages – Healing Tips

Outlast 2 Guide: Finding Batteries & Bandages - Healing Tips

Outlast 2 is a very dark game, and I don’t just mean in terms of its eerie atmosphere. Many of the areas that you traverse are enshrouded in shadows, making it sometimes difficult to see. If you want to survive the night and escape the madness of Temple Gate, then you’re going to need to know how to find batteries scattered throughout the wilderness. In this guide, I’ll teach you a few helpful ways to find batteries in Outlast 2.



Finding Batteries

Batteries are scattered throughout the game world in Outlast 2, and players will need to remain vigilant if they want to spot them and add them to their collection. These items are crucial, as they allow you to power your camcorder’s night vision and sound tracking.


The easiest way to find batteries is to look for items that glow white on the ground or tables. I’ve often found batteries on tables inside houses, barns, and even under old, dilapidated sheds missing some of their walls. This means you’ll need to venture out if you want to stay powered up. Even if you manage to find a few batteries along the way, you should be sure to use your camcorder judiciously so that you don’t deplete your batteries.



Making Batteries Last Longer

To make batteries last longer, you should use your camcorder’s night vision and sound tracking sparingly, only when absolutely necessary. If visibility is adequate while traveling through areas, ensure you aren’t wasting batteries by having night vision enabled. Similarly, avoid keeping your sound tracking on throughout the entire game. This depletes the battery much faster than using night vision, which can leave you mid-game without batteries to power your camcorder.


Fortunately, there are several light sources, like fires and torches, set up around the game world, as the villagers need to see as well. Some villagers will even carry flashlights, and occasionally, you can benefit from their light beams to see inside houses and other darker areas. If all else fails, though, be sure to activate your night vision to ensure you aren’t unwittingly walking into a trap.


It should also be noted that enemies cannot detect the light from your night vision, so you’re free to use it at any point in the game. Just remember to keep track of how many batteries you have, the remaining charge in your current battery, and always be on the lookout for the glowing, indicative signs of more batteries.


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