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Starmancer – Base Building Tips & Tricks

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Base Building Tips & Tricks

  • Once your base is linked, remember to replace Airlocks with Manual Doors. This is the only method to make the interior base functional, as people will pile up at Airlocks and perish as your colony grows.


  • Create an empty room and then fill it with items. Colonists cannot travel past things after they have been constructed, and they frequently prioritize the construction of objects above barriers (but will always build floors first). You may find yourself unable to build the room’s back walls due to the presence of a large machine.


  • You can RUN WIRE beneath a wall, but only before it is constructed! You’d have to demolish the wall, lay the wire on the floor, then rebuild the wall after it’s done. This is also true for water and liquid pipelines. Because colonists will not put wiring up before walls, build your floors and wiring first, then manually add walls when the cables are finished.


  • Vacuums can be quite beneficial in specific situations (for example, chambers with no oxygen or floors with no walls exposed to space). There’s no heat and no noise in them. So, if you have machinery that makes a lot of noise or requires a chilly environment, placing it in outer space behind an airlock could be a good idea.


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