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Kingdom Two Crowns – Mounts

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This guide is about all of the different mounts that you can ride on in the game and how riding each one benefits you differently. Unlocking a new mount always costs 1-3 gems, and once unlocked, they can be mounted by paying a certain amount of coins. Switching to a different mount will require you to pay the same amount to switch back. All mounts can run, but running will drain your mount’s stamina. If your mount runs out of stamina, you will need to wait until your mount fully regains its stamina before you can sprint again. You can tell when it is ready if it stops breathing heavily. To refill your mount’s stamina faster, stand still above some grass and let your mount graze for a bit. After your mount is done grazing, its stamina will be completely refilled, and it will get a stamina boost. These boosts give your mount unlimited stamina for a set amount of time, starting once your mount finishes grazing. Walking instead of running during this boosted period will not preserve this boost. You can tell when the stamina boost is still active because it will create white dust particles around your mount’s legs when it runs.



The Griffon

Island: 1

Spawnpoint: Spawns by crash landing in front of you

Unlock Cost: 2 Gems

Cost: 8 Coins

When riding this mount, a stamina boost can be acquired while standing above any terrain, even during winter. This mount can also blowback and stun enemies with a short burst at the cost of stamina by standing still and pressing [Left Shift]. This stamina cost is taken from base stamina and does not interact with the stamina boost, which prevents the player from infinitely spamming the blowback move while boosted.



The Lizard

Island: (4?)

Spawnpoint: Large stone engraved with picture of gem

Unlock Cost: 3 Gems

Cost: 14 Coins

The lizard (AKA the dragon) operates very differently than other mounts. It can sprint like other mounts but is fairly speedy on all terrain. It’s speed boost, however, is obtained not by grazing over grass but by resting under the sunlight. This makes obtaining a speed boost impossible for the lizard during the night. At the cost of stamina, the lizard can breathe fire by standing still and pressing [Left Shift] or by attempting to sprint by double-tapping a direction. The lizard spends a second winding up before the attack, and it creates a small fire trap for a few seconds that ignites all enemies that pass through it.



The Unicorn

Island: 5

Spawnpoint: Pink tree

Unlock Cost: 4 Gems

Cost: 16 Coins

This mount works the same as it did in the previous game; It spawns from the pink tree, runs faster on grass, and upon grazing will “eject” 3 coins, giving monarchs an easy way to rack up money.




The Stag

Island: (2?)

Spawnpoint: Waterfall

Unlock Cost: 1 Gem

Cost: 3 Coins

For its low price of only 1 gem and 3 coins, the stag is an impressive mount, to say the least. It is easily one of the best mounts in terms of mobility, having the fastest sprinting and walking speeds out of any mount in the game while in the forest while still having respectable max stamina. The stag can also attract deer by walking or standing near them for a few seconds, at which point hearts will appear above the deer’s head, and it will follow you, letting you lead deer back to your archers for easy hunting.



The War Horse

Island: 3

Spawnpoint: Battlefield with skeleton

Unlock Cost: 2 Gems

Cost: 14 Coins

The war horse has slightly better stats than the default horse and can also buff nearby troops when it begins running. Buffed troops will flash white for (10?) seconds, during which they will take absolutely no damage from enemies, easily turning the tides of a losing battle. The boost can be re-used after about (15?) seconds.



The Wild Horse

Island: 3

Unlock Cost: 1 Gem

Cost: (3?) Coins


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