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Kingdom Two Crowns – General FAQ

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Q: Once I build a ship and leave the island, is the kingdom considered secure?

A: Hahahaha, that’s cute. Not even close.



Q: Does winter end?

A: Yes, winter does end in Kingdom Two Crowns You still need to prepare for it financially, however.



Q: How do I change monarchs?

A: You can only change the look of your monarch when you start a new campaign. During the loading screen, you’ll see a monarch above the status bar. While the monarch is still on the screen, press down arrow (A on controller) until you find the monarch you’d like to start with.


If you are joining someone’s multiplayer game, there is no way to select a monarch. The game will instead use the monarch from your current campaign.



Q: How do I access Kingdom Two Crowns: Shogun?

A: Start a new campaign, when the Kingdom Two Crowns logo comes up just press right arrow (right on d-pad on controller) to select Shogun (it’s the Two Crowns logo with red lettering)



Q: How do I initiate local co-op on keyboard?

A: We are the first to admit that this isn’t intuitive (i.e. will be changed in the future). For keyboard only local co-op, press J to have player 2 join in.


Player 1 controls – A-S-D-Shift


Player 2 controls – H-J-K-L



Q: How do I initiate local co-op with a keyboard and one controller?

A: Again, we admit this isn’t intuitive. Press J on the keyboard



Q: How do I initiate online multiplayer on Steam?

A: Make sure both players have launched the game, enter the game menu by pressing ESC, select multiplayer, checkmark the box that says “open online”, and then click the “open friends” button to browse your friends list.


Make sure you have finished the tutorial first before initiating online multiplayer.



Q: If you move from one island to the next, do the seasons reset?

A: No, seasons do not reset. The game tracks the total amount of days your current reign has amassed (hit ESC and look in the upper right corner), when you move to another island the day count does not reset and the seasons continue. You can’t escape winter!



Q: What happens when I lose my crown?

A: In Kingdom Two Crowns, you will start over as an heir and rebuild the previous monarch’s kingdom. Anything you unlocked with gems previously will still be unlocked and only cost coins when you encounter them again. All seasons reset. All days reset. Difficulty of enemy waves resets.


Also keep in mind losing your crown is part of the designed experience and you keep key progress and achievements when it happens.



Q: What happens to my previous islands when I sail to the next?

A: Over time, the fortifications on your previous islands will decay. When you sail back to an island you had previously left, you may need to spend coins to repair damaged walls, towers, or repurchases items like catapults.



Q: Can you earn more gems?

A: No, there are a finite amount of gems in the game! Be careful about losing them to the Greed and be mindful of what you spend them on, they don’t respawn even after death!


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