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Kingdom Two Crowns – Farms

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Farms cannot be destroyed by greed, but will halt the spread of grass. They are built to give farmers a place to work. The amount of farmers that can occupy each farm depends on whether or not there is enough space around the farm for each farmer to create his crop field, with a maximum of 4 farmers per farm. Once a farm is built, the farmers assigned to it will be chosen randomly.



Tier 0: Stream

These are naturally generated in random locations on the island, and are the base for where you can build your farms.




Tier 1: Day Farm

Cost: 3 coins

Age: Wood

Any farmers working at this farm will retreat to your kingdom every evening, and will walk back out to the farm every morning.




Tier 2: Farmhouse

Cost: 8 coins

Age: Wood

Any farmers working at this farm will stand idly by the farm when night falls, so make sure only to upgrade to this farm if it is well protected. Due to the farmers staying at the farm during the night, they don’t need to walk back out every morning, leaving them more time to grow crops. This, of course, gets you more coins, faster!


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