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Kingdom Two Crowns – The Boat

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The Boat

The boat spawns on every island, and must be constructed in order to leave that island and set sail for another. The boat shipwreck can be found somewhere in the forest next to a small wooden dock in the foreground, and can be paid 10 coins to spawn the frame of the ship. After this, the boat can be paid an addition 2 coins to spawn an individual part of the boat on the ground, which your workers will use to slowly piece the ship back together. The boat allows up to (3?) workers to construct it at once, which is more than the usual limit of 2 workers per building. There is no limit to the amount of boat parts you can have lying on the ground at once, and any greed that come across a boat part will attempt to steal it like any tool or coin. There are a total of (60?) parts that must be spawned and added to the boat for it to be completed, for a total of (130?) coins to construct the boat. If the monarch is on island 1, the initial purchasing of the boat’s frame will also spawn all (60?) of its parts on the ground, while on island 2, the frame will spawn with (half?) of its parts on the ground. Once the boat has been fully constructed, the monarch can pay it an additional 2 coins to place the boat into the water in the foreground, at which point 3 random workers will quickly push the boat to the small wooden dock nearby before boarding the ship, and 4 random archers will station themselves in the boat’s towers.


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Once the ship is in the water, the monarch may send up to 3 squires/knights (and their squads) to board the ship by simply signaling them to attack in the direction of the boat. As of v1.0.1, this makes attacking any remaining portals in the same direction as the boat impossible unless the player either attacks before placing the boat in the water, or if the player fills the boat with 3 squires/knights, and then uses any remaining squires/knights to attack in that direction. The game devs have acknowledged this as a problem, and will be working to fix this in the next update. Knights and squires will bring any carried coins along with them, so it is a good idea to buff them up before leaving. The 4 archers on the ship’s towers will still attack any enemies that come within range, acting the same as any archer in a tower, but are also vulnerable to floaters. Any other subjects aboard the ship will not attack, but will also not be targeted by any enemies. Once the player wishes to leave the island, all active players must stand on the dock behind the ship, and one player must pay the boat (10?) coins to set sail, at which point all monarchs will board the boat, and any living dogs and hermits on the island will jump in as well. If this is the furthest island reached on that save, the next island will unlock, and the player must choose which island to visit next. All coins and gems carried by the monarchs will be brought with them to the next island, so be sure to fill up before departing.


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