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Kingdom Two Crowns – Teleporters

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Teleporters cannot be destroyed by greed and will not halt the spread of grass. They are built to provide you with a faster way to traverse across the island.



Tier 0: Portal Remnants

These will spawn where you destroy portals and are the base for where you can build your teleporters. Be careful, as this usually means you will need to send your workers deep into the forest to construct this.



Tier 1: Teleporter Gate(s)

Cost: 8 coins

Age: Stone

Once the teleporter has been built by your workers, you will be able to use it for 2 coins, which will give (15?) seconds to look around and select a location on the island, and then teleport there using [S] or [Down Arrow]. Teleporting to an open field without any buildings nearby will spawn additional portal remnants at your feet, but they will disappear after (10?) seconds. If you pay the 8 coins to construct the new teleporter gate, the two teleporter gates will become permanently connected, allowing you to teleport between them at your leisure for the cost of 2 coins per use.


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