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Interstellar Space: Genesis – Helpful Hints

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Helpful Hints

Choose your construction carefully, you will be penalized if you disrupt it prior to completion.


Click on a system directly from the galaxy map to see details about it.


Colonization is a considerable effort in ISG, do not colonize worlds that are not suited for your species if you can help it. You will have more candidate worlds to colonize than available colony ships initially, pick and choose where to expand wisely. Consider the following.

(Ideal biome first, tolerable second and hostile last)

(Try and stay within your gravity preference)

(Mineral richness, the richer the better)

(Ecology, the higher the better)

(Avoid nasty specials like meteor storms)


Colony leaders are a big help, hire one quickly and leave the ship leaders for later.


Domes offer a less effective but quicker alternative to planetary engineering on hostile worlds.


Don’t colonize a world without first exploring it fully.


Esc and right click will allow you to exit from any screen.


-Fleets can be selected by clicking the shield icon on the galaxy map.


-If you start at the edge of the map choose the space culture advancement that allows you to scan further away.


-If you start at the middle of the map choose the space culture advancement that allows you to scan two sectors at the same time.


-Med bays are excellent for boosting morale where you need it.


-Tool tips are everywhere, if you’re not sure about something check the information there.


-When exploring try and select the sectors closest to you that contain a star system.


-To measure distances use the measuring tool by pressing the SHIFT key. Then select two systems and you’ll be shown the distance between the two in parsecs. Press your mouse right button (or the Esc key) to switch off the measuring tool.


-Support ships are a great way to jump-start production in the early game, you get a free one once you research the appropriate tech.


-Maximizing infrastructure on newly built colonies is a great way to accelerate their growth. Set Infrastructure to 100% until you gain a few levels, then you can consider buildings structures.


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