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Interstellar Rift Cheats

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Console Commands

Server commands can (mostly) be used from the in-game chat and the server console and will run on the server. When entering the commands into the in-game chat they need to be prefixed with a forward slash (‘/’), but when entering them into the console they should not be. In a singleplayer game you will have Superadmin rights by default and you should be able to use all the commands in the list, on a server it depends on your rights on the server. Any command argument that can be either an id or name also supports partial names, the server will then request you to choose the one you wanted if there is more than one result.


Command Arguments Description
addSpecialResource [id] [text] Adds a special resource


setSuperAdmin [player id/name] Set a new super admin


destroyShip [system id/name] [ship id/name] Destroys a ship, bypassing the destruction sequence


giveResCrew [player id/name] [resource] [amount] Give a resource to a crew


giveResFleet [player id/name] [resource] [amount] Set all resources in a fleet’s vault to a specific number


giveResToShip [system id/name] [ship id/name] [resource] [amount] Give a resource to a ship


moveShipToSystem [system id/name] [ship id/name] [system id/name] Moves a ship in a system to a different system


setMoney [player id/name] [amount] Sets a player’s U-Nits to a specific number


spawnCustomAsteroidField [system id/name] [ship id/name] [index] [text] Spawns an asteroid field


spawnCustomLargeAsteroid [system id/name] [ship id/name] [index] [text] Spawns an asteroid field


help | h [id] Prints all commands, and their descriptions


giveAllRes [player id/name] Fill a player’s vault with most resources


giveAllResCrew [player id/name] Fill a player’s crew vault with most resources


giveReputation [player id/name] [faction] [amount] Gives reputation for a specific faction to a player

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