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As Far As The Eye Cheats

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Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement.


Unlockable: How to Unlock:
Agoraphobe Unlock Agoraphobe
Animal Fear Unlock Animal Fear
Animal Whisperer Unlock Animal Whisperer
Apprentice Unlock Apprentice
Asymptomatic Carrier Unlock Asymptomatic Carrier
Bargainer Unlock Bargainer
Bargainer Unlock Bargainer
Binoculars Unlock Binoculars
Blinders Unlock Blinders
Chameleon Unlock Chameleon
Chapter 1: Oku the Vigilant Unlock Chapter 1
Chapter 2: Linked by Destiny Unlock Chapter 2
Chapter 3: The Shapeshifters Unlock Chapter 3
Chapter 4: The Greatest Pie in the World Unlock Chapter 4
Chapter 5: the Horned Chimera Unlock Chapter 5
Conductor Unlock Conductor
Delirious Unlock Delirious
Ermit Unlock Ermit
Expert Unlock Expert
Fantasist Unlock Fantasist
Fragile Unlock Fragile
Handy Unlock Handy
Healer Unlock Healer
Honest Unlock Honest
Hypochondriac Unlock Hypochondriac
Immortal Unlock Immortal
Impious Unlock Impious
Independent Unlock Independent
Invading Unlock Invading
Invisible Unlock Invisible
Lazy Unlock Lazy
Levitation Unlock Levitation
Likeable Unlock Likeable
Loner Unlock Loner
Lucky Unlock Lucky
Maximus Unlock Maximum
Meticulous Unlock Meticulous
Minus Unlock Minus
Nanny Unlock Nanny
Optimizer Unlock Optimizer
Paper-skinned Unlock Paper-skinned
Passionate Unlock Passionate
Pathfinder Unlock Pathfinder
Placebo Unlock Placebo
Puny Unlock Puny
Reckless Unlock Reckless
Regenerating Unlock Regenerating
Resistant Unlock Resistant
Scholar Unlock Scholar
Shy Unlock Shy
Simple-minded Unlock Simple-minded
Skeptical Unlock Skeptical
Stasis Unlock Stasis
Stone-skinned Unlock Stone-skinned
Surveyor Unlock Surveyor
Team Spirit Unlock Team Spirit
Teamwork Unlock Teamwork
Test subject Unlock Test subject
The Good Unlock The Good
The Tyrant Unlock The Tyrant
Theoretician Unlock Theoretician
Tinkerer Unlock Tinkerer
Vaccinated Unlock Vaccinated
Versatile Unlock Versatile
Visionary Unlock Visionary
Weak Unlock Weak
Yellow Belly Unlock Yellow Belly


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