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RollerCoaster Tycoon®: Deluxe – Individual Coasters Hints and Tricks

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Individual Coasters Hints and Tricks

Wild Mouses – Cheap to create for a coaster, very compact and can get high excitement ratings fairly easily. Wild mouses can be built with sharp turns and steep, if not high, drops. Primary drawback is that they have low capacity. A good wild mouse has a couple of steep drops and a number of tight turns. Care must be made to keep speed under check on these turns through.



Steel Mini Roller Coaster – Relatively cheap to make but not particularly exciting imo. There’s a couple of alternative car types available for the ride that can tweak it’s capacity, excitement, intensity and nausea ratings. One thing of note is that the lift hill can be built as a spiral which can help for preserving space. Build a spiral lift, add a few drops and hills then return to station. It will bring in the early money which you can use to build a real coaster.



Wooden Roller Coaster – Requires lots of drops and hills to be good. Not something I’d recommend as your first coaster as it will take a lot of money to get a good one off the ground and it requires a decent amount of space. A good wooden coaster through is an exciting ride.



Steel Coaster – Can be built as a powered launch or reverse incline coaster. Grown up version of the steel mini, lets you add vertical loop inversion. Powered launch / reverse inclined coasters are insane money making machines. A normal coaster is pretty good too.



Steel Corkscrew Roller Coaster – An even better version of the steel coaster. Can be built to a large height and adds a number of additional inversion. In addition to the steel coaster’s helix and vertical loop the steel corkscrew can build half-loops and corkscrews. All these inversions can get pretty pricey and you need to watch out for the intensity rating but you can really get creative with this ride. Again can be be built as a Powered launch / reverse inclined coaster.



Stand-up Steel Roller Coaster – Horrible intensity, just stick with the Steel and Steel Corkscrews.



Mine Train Coaster – One of my favourite coasters aesthetically. Requires a good amount of size and money to make a good one. Should be fast, smooth with lots of twisting turns and helixes and should be taking underground for best results.



Bobsled Coaster – One of the more ‘meh’ coasters. Requires lots of helixes and turns to get a reasonable excitement. As such, cost investment isn’t quite equal to the return you get. It also has the drawback that the trains are not fixed to the track so easily jump the track if it is not designed correctly.



Steeplechase – Not one of my favourites through it can get good excitement ratings. Low turnover and there’s no banking so you need be careful with the Gs.



Mini Suspended Coaster – Kind of similar to the steeplechase. Low capacity and turnover. Decent excitement.



Reverse Freefall / Whoa Belly Coaster – It’s meh imo and requires a lot of room in a single line.



Vertical Drop Coaster – One of the best coasters in the game. Expensive to build but it has huge capacity and you get high excitement from even simple coasters. Build the station and lift then add a delayed brake before the first drop. Have the drop go underground and pop up and return to the station. Basically you’re remaking Oblivion from Alton Towers. Quick and easy to make while having good excitement, turnover and profit. For more a more interesting ride, you can make multiple drops and climbs and adds loops.


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