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How to Unlock Concetta in Vampire Survivors?

How to Unlock Concetta in Vampire Survivors?

Given its early development stages, few in the gaming community expected Vampire Survivors to hit the level of fan favorites like Hades or Dead Cells. Even though the roguelike was inspired by the mobile game Magic Survival, developer Luca Galante did a fantastic job with the prototype and created one of the most popular indie games of all time using a Castlevania-themed asset pack.


Vampire Survivors combines the intense bullet hell-type shooter mechanics with the addictive power creep sensation present in most roguelikes. The game’s replayability is truly awe-inspiring, and the vast assortment of 24 playable characters and numerous weapon combinations makes every run unique. More characters equal more fun, and this guide discusses how to unlock Concetta, the guitar goddess of Vampire Survivors.



Vampire Survivors – How to get Concetta?

  • Load the Gallow Tower stage, which is a Stage 4 map.


  • Once you are inside, open the minimap and look for a question mark at the top.


  • Concetta’s coffin is located at that question mark.


  • Once you reach the top, search for a magic mirror. It’s located towards the lower left part of the screen.


How to Unlock Concetta in Vampire Survivors?


  • Enter a separate room through the mirror and defeat all of the enemies guarding Concetta’s coffin.


  • Move towards the coffin to unlock Concetta. You can now choose her as your starting character at the start of a new game.



Concetta Passsive Bonuses

  • Every level gains +1% area.


  • +20% Movement Speed.


  • +10% Curse.



Tips on how to play Concetta

  • Concetta is a character with a high-skill cap.


  • Porta Ladonna, who starts the run with a permanent +30 percent Area bonus, outclasses her passive ability.


  • However, after level 31, Concetta’s passive ability becomes uncapped, and she continues to increase the area indefinitely (+1 percent Area every level).



Best weapons for Concetta

  • Santa Water, Garlic, and Song of Mana are very effective in the higher levels where Concetta truly shines.


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