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Vampire Survivors PC Cheat Codes

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Vampire Survivors stands neck-to-neck with some of the best bullet hell-type roguelikes in existence. It’s baffling how such a minimalist title creates an intoxicating power-creep experience similar to the best of the best.


The game is simple to pick up because all you have to worry about is positioning and selecting a powerful weapon combination to slaughter spongy swarms of enemies. However, because the game can be challenging at times, we’ve included a few cheats in this guide to help you get through the stages with relative ease.



Cheat Codes

You can enter codes to unlock certain features while on the home screen, and you’ll hear a sound when you’ve entered one correctly.




  • Secret Character:Exdash Exiviiq: x-x1viiq


  • Extra Gold: Type the “Konami code” fast.


  • Extra 2000 Gold: Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right ESC ENTER (all text).


Vampire Survivors has the potential to compete with the likes of Hades and Dead Cells both in terms of replayability and variety. The game may lack a well-written story, but it’s the same with most roguelikes. But the fact that this 2D-pixel shooter has the set Steam store page on fire speaks a ton about its capabilities as an action roguelike. Hopefully, you’ve found the cheats in this guide helpful. Until next time.


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