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How to Fix GTA Online’s ‘Saving Failed’ Bug & Issue

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How to Fix GTA Online’s ‘Saving Failed’ Issue

Currently, the only way to get around this is to force the game through the problem and have it auto-save anyhow. To do so, you’ll need to:


  • Out of the game window, press Alt+F4


  • Wait until the Quit option displays, then press Escape (ESC) to return to GTA V.


  • After a few moments, the game should save itself.


You are not entirely exiting the game by doing so, but the game has detected that you have exited to the point where it wishes to save. Another option to force this is to walk inside a clothes store’s changing rooms or load into a quest and then exit. It’s worth noting that this message is occasionally just a server blip so that it may go away on its own – but if it’s still there after hours of gameplay, this is the most frequent way to get the game to save right now.


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