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Demonologist Cheats and Secrets


Discovering Maria’s Room and Unveiling the Hidden Easter Egg in Demonologist

Maria’s Room harbors a secret easter egg that has piqued the interest of players. In this section of our Demonologist Cheats and Secrets guide, we’ll help you locate the concealed room and gain access to uncover its hidden treasures.



Solve the Riddle

The enigmatic riddle provided in the game acts as your first hint to unlock Maria’s Room. To crack the riddle, read and analyze it carefully, keeping an eye out for any clues or hints that may assist you in the upcoming steps.



Conjure Bloody Mary in the Bathroom

Initially, you must summon Bloody Mary. Locate the bathroom in the game and stand squarely in front of the mirror. Stare into the mirror and say “Bloody Mary” three times in succession. The mirror will be smeared with blood, confirming that you’ve successfully summoned Bloody Mary and completed the initial phase of the puzzle.



Unveil the Secret Passageway with the Limbo Book

Next, make your way to the basement where you’ll find a bookshelf housing a book named Limbo. Stand in front of the book and recite “Limbo” aloud. This action will disclose a hidden passageway adorned with crosses, a vital component of the puzzle leading you closer to Maria’s Room.



Traverse the Secret Passageway and Face the Crosses

While journeying down the secret passageway, say “We Come for You.” Chilling laughter will echo around you as the crosses detach from the walls, signifying that you’re on the right track and advancing through the puzzle.



Adjust the Three Clocks to Display 3am

As you explore the game map, you’ll encounter three clocks that require resetting. Adjust each clock to read 3am, making sure to leave the clock nearest to Maria’s Room for last. Once all three clocks show the correct time, the door to Maria’s Room will swing open, granting you access to the highly sought-after easter egg.


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