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Car For Sale Simulator 2023 Cheats and Secrets


Infinite Money Glitch

If you’re finding Car For Sale Simulator 2023 a bit monotonous and are looking for an easy way to accumulate wealth, we’ve got good news for you. There’s a straightforward method to generate unlimited in-game funds, and this guide will outline those simple steps for you. Bear in mind, this exploit might be patched in future versions of Car For Sale Simulator 2023, so make sure to disable automatic updates on Steam if you wish to continue benefiting from it.


  • Your in-game day should start as usual, with your character waking up in the comfort of their home.


  • After waking, your first destination should be the bar within the game.


  • Once there, find the blackjack table tucked away in the back of the bar and start playing.


  • Go All In: Bet all your in-game money on a round of blackjack. There’s no need to worry if you lose; we have a workaround in place.


  • In Case of Loss: If you happen to lose the game, don’t despair. Simply exit to the main menu and select “continue.” You’ll find yourself back at your bed with all the money you had before your unfortunate loss.


  • If You Win: If you win, your funds will have doubled. You can either return to bed to save your progress or proceed with your other in-game activities. To utilize this trick again, merely follow these steps from the beginning.


You can repeatedly exploit this glitch to amass an unlimited amount of money in the game. As mentioned earlier, stay vigilant of game updates as this loophole could be rectified in a future patch. Enjoy your newfound wealth in Car For Sale Simulator 2023!


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October 19, 2023 18:11

thanks bro. this was a good mention.
i didnt even know there is a blackjack table at that bar.
sadly devs only state things in tutorial that we already know like moving the camera 😐
and i would love to play poker in this game for fun and profit, that would be cool like a lot 😀

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