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Ampersat: Cheats & Secrets

Ampersat: Cheats & Secrets

Bonus Words

Every non-Boss level (Dungeons and Towers) features a “Bonus Word”. To fill in a letter of the Bonus Word, you need to kill a creature of the same letter USING MELEE. Only the final blow needs to be melee; you can weaken it using ranged attacks. Once every letter of the word is complete, a chest will appear. On the 1st level of a Dungeon or Tower, this is a 3-letter word, on the 2nd, it is 4 letters; on the 3rd it is 5, and on the 4th it is 6 letters long. The quality of chest awarded also generally improves as the level increases, with Towers giving higher tier chests. Note that the Bonus Word is CASE SENSITIVE.


Targeting the easier Bonus Words at the start of the game can give you a big initial boost if you are lucky enough to find good weapons/spells inside one of the chests. At worst, they will give you a good chunk of gold.


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