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The Callisto Protocol Cheats & Secrets

The Callisto Protocol Cheats & Secrets

How to Locate the Secret Rooms in The Callisto Protocol

In The Callisto Protocol, there are two secret rooms that contain valuable loot and recordings that will help players uncover the truth about the Black Iron Prison outbreak and the true nature of Callisto. To fully solve the mystery of Kallipolis and obtain the Commonality achievement, you will need to find and access both of these secret rooms. Here is how to find the secret rooms.



Secret Room 1 – Chapter 3: Aftermath

In the Aftermath chapter, you will come to a fork in the main path with one end leading to a dark corridor and the other to Recreation. Take the path toward Recreation and you will eventually come across a ladder. Climb down and you will find two rooms, one with a chest surrounded by a red light.


In this room, search for a vent that will lead you to another room with a hole in the floor. Descend through the hole into a dimly lit room with blue light. This is the location of the first Secret Room.



Secret Room 2 – Chapter 6: Below

To find the second secret room in the Callisto Protocol, go to Chapter 6: Below and make your way to the Power Reactor. Instead of entering the control room, follow the Kallipolis symbol and go through the opening in the damaged wall. As you descend through the crevices, you’ll find yourself in a cave-like corridor covered in mutated cells. It is important to crouch walk here as there are three blind enemies that will attack if they hear you. The last enemy will appear just before the entrance to the secret room. Make sure to have your Hand Cannon equipped and shoot the alien nest under the main desk before entering the room. Once you’ve looted the area, pick up the Secret Room 2 audio log to unlock The Commonality achievement/trophy.


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