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Crusader Kings 3 – Secrets Guide – All Secrets

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Characters acquire Secrets when they do something that is a Crime or frowned upon. Secrets can be discovered through random events or via the Find Secrets spymaster task. If a secret is discovered the character who uncovered it has two options. One option is to expose the secret, which will apply various negative effects upon the target based on how serious the Secret is. The other option is to blackmail the target. If the target agreed the character will gain a  Weak Hook if the secret is Shunned and a  Strong Hook if the secret is Criminal. If the target refuses the secret will be exposed.






 Attempted Murder  Depends on who was the target This character has attempted murder.
 Murdered  Depends on who was the target This character is a murderer.
 Is a Cannibal  Depends on whether faith has the Ritual Cannibalism doctrine This character consumes human flesh.
 Is a Deviant  Depends on the Deviancy crime doctrine This character has a predilection for socially unacceptable acts.
 Is a Sodomite  Depends on the Same-Sex Relations crime doctrine This character engages in sexual intercourse with other men.
 Is Incestuous  Depends on the Consanguinity marriage doctrine This character has sexual relations with close family members.
 Is a Non-Believer  Always Shunned This character believes in a false god, or none at all.
 Is a Witch  Depends on the Witchcraft crime doctrine This character practices witchcraft.
 Is the illegitimate child  Depends on the Bastardry marriage doctrine This character is a bastard.
 Lover  Depends on the Adultery crime doctrines This character is someone’s illicit lover.


The Is the illegitimate child secret is removed if the real parents eventually join in marriage or concubinage.


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