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Rogue Legacy 2 – Cheats & Secrets

Rogue Legacy 2 - Cheats & Secrets

Secret Achievements

Rogue Legacy 2 outperforms its predecessor in every way. It introduces new classes, a new castle with various challenges, and, most importantly, secrets. The vast majority of players enjoy stumbling across hidden mysteries and easter eggs throughout the game. If you’re a secret hunter, this guide will come in handy because it covers all of the secret in-game achievements and how to obtain them.



Every Secret Achievement in Rogue Legacy 2 and how to unlock them

Secret Achievements How to Unlock it
Spell and Swords Defeat Estuary Lamech
Captain and Crew Defeat the Void Beasts of Axis Mundi.
Harvest and Home Defeat the Void Beasts of Axis Mundi.
Poise and Poisons Defeat Estuary Enoch.
Suns and Soldiers Defeat Estuary Irad.
Hands and Hammers Defeat Estuary Tubal.
Progenitor and Protege Defeat the Traitor.
King and Kin Defeat the Immortal King.
Prequel to the Sequel Enter Topside.
For Glory Defeat Estuary Lamech Prime.
For Justice Defeat the Children of Estuary Mehujael.
For Survival Defeat Estuary Naamah Prime.
For Love Defeat Estuary Enoch Prime.
For Pride Defeat Estuary Irad Prime.
For Wrath Defeat Estuary Tubal Prime.
For Greed Defeat the Immortal King Prime.
For Penance Defeat the Redeemed.
A Glimpse of the Future Defeat the Immortal King Prime.



How to unlock the hardest achievements in Rogue Legacy 2?

In addition to the secret achievements mentioned above, there are two endgame achievements titled ‘Had to Do It’ and ‘Full House.’ Unlocking the first one is a little easier because it only requires you to get the True Ending of the game. Our guide includes more information on how to obtain this achievement.


How to Get The Had to Do It Achievement in Rogue Legacy 2


The second achievement is the most difficult of all and involves a large number of activities. You’ll have to collect eggplants, interact with in-game NPCs, and perform other actions. This tutorial will walk you through every step of unlocking the most challenging achievement in Rogue Legacy 2.


How to Get The Full House Achievement in Rogue Legacy 2


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