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Dawn of Man – Resource Limits

Dawn of Man – Resource Limits

With resource limits, you can totally streamline the work in your settlement and keep everything running like a well-oiled machine. Here’s the lowdown on how it all works:


Set a Limit, Sit Back and Relax: Pick a resource, set a limit, and mark a recipe for continuous production or place a work area. Your crew will hustle to collect or produce that resource until they hit the limit you set.


Automatic Re-Start: When you start running low and the resource amount dips below the limit, your folks will get back to work, no sweat.


Three Ways to Set Limits:

Infinity Mode: No caps here! Production keeps rolling as long as you’ve got the materials.


Fixed Amount: You call the shots. Set a specific number, and once you hit that amount, your people take a break.


Population Percentage: Tied to your population, this setting adjusts itself as your settlement grows or shrinks. Super handy for keeping things balanced.


Just a heads up, these limits are all about the work areas and automatic crafting. If you roll up your sleeves and give a direct order, the limits won’t apply.


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