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Conan Exiles – Specialist Cooking Recipes & Locations Guide

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Specialist Cooking I:

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Location: The Summoning Place



Darfari Bug Soup

Spiced Soup

Corrupting Brew

Flavored Gruel



Specialist Cooking II:

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Location: South of Skyholme Ruins



Aloe Soup

Spiced Oysters

Cooked Oyster

Berry Juice

Berry Juice



Specialist Cooking III:

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Location: Mounds of the Dead



Meaty Mashup

Enhanced Gruel

Cleansing Brew

Spiced Tea

Herbal Tea

Seed Soup



Specialist Cooking IV:

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Location: Mounds of the Dead



Trail Jerky

Steak and Eggs

Exquisite Stew

Savory Jerky



Specialist Cooking V:

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Location: Trapper`s Cabin



Hearty Stew

Demon Blood-Sausage

Rhino Head Soup

Lasting Meal

Spiced Slivers



Specialist Cooking VI:

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Location: The Summoning Place



Hearty Meal

Bone Broth

Spiced and Shredded Roast

Bug Kabob

Spiced Egg



Specialist Cooking VII:

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Location: Muriela`s Hope



Chili Desert Style

Yellow Lotus Soup

Egg Surprise

Salted Berries



Specialist Cooking VIII:


Location: The Tower of Bats



Feral Feasts

Century Egg

Bush Jerky

Oyster Omelette



Specialist Cooking IX:

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Location: Lian`s Watch



Mushroom Stew

Roasted Mushrooms

Mulled Brew

Cimmerian Meal

Mushroom Tea



Specialist Cooking X:

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Location: Drifter’s Rest



Cooked Pork Strips

Cooked Pork Dinner

Lumpy Soup

Mixed Meat Scraps

Potion of Endowment


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