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Conan Exiles – Religions

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You can learn the religions you did not start with for free from the religion trainer!



Set – The trainer is in the southwest side of the savannah area. There’s a ramp up to him at the bottom of a tower, they removed the ridiculous amount of spiders near him that were in early access so pretty easy to get to!


Mitra – The trainer is now at the half built Mitra statue south of the den near the oasis in the desert area.


Ymir – A frost giant northeast of mounds of the dead teaches this – he is next to a big campfire that you can see the smoke from up a snowy ramp on a mountain side.


Derketo – You can learn this in the southeastern jungle – the pagoda of boundless lusts just south of the witch queen temple.


Yog – The trainer for this one is in the south, just northwest of the broken bridge. The easiest to get to early.


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