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Conan Exiles – Dungeon Recipes

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Dungeon Recipes

The Dregs:


– Dredger

– Abysmal Sword

– Abysmal Dagger

– Abysmal Arrows

– Herpetology

– Reptile Leather Epic



The Barrow King:


– Vanquisher of the King Beneath



The Temple of Frost:


– Frost Smithing

– Black Ice Pickaxe

– Black Ice Javelin

– Black Ice Throwing Axe



The Black Keep:


– Kinscourge Weapons

– Pride of the Silent Legion



Palace of the Witch Queen:


– Lemurian Sword

– Lemurian Pike

– Lemurian Royal Armor

– Lemurian Warrior Armor



The Well of Skelos:


– Obsidian Sword

– Obsidian Two-Handed Sword

– Obsidian Mace

– Obsidian Warhammer

– Obsidian Dagger

– Obsidian Spear

– Obsidian Shield

– Obsidian Arrow

– Obsidian Tools



The Arena:


– Dragonbone War Axe

– Dragonbone Sword

– Dragonbone Two-Handed Sword

– Dragonbone Maul

– Dragonbone Daggers

– Dragonbone Spear

– Dragonbone Shield

– Dragonhorn Bow

– Dragonbone Throwing Axe

– Dragonbone Javelin


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