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ATLAS – Hunger & Eating

ATLAS - Hunger & Eating

Everyone needs food to live — and even when you’re a pirate, limes alone won’t cut it.


  • Fruits and vegetables can be consumed raw, but meat and fish should be cooked first (you can technically eat them raw, but it may cost you some health).


To do so, craft and place a cooking station such as a Campfire, Cooking Pot, or Grill. Transfer some fuel to its inventory, light it, then transfer the raw meat into the inventory.


  • Cooking takes time. The raw meat eventually disappears, and cooked meat takes its place in the cooking station’s inventory.


  • To eat food, transfer the cooked food back to your inventory, then Consume it using the controls to the right.


  • You can add food to your Hotbar and eat from there as well.


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