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ATLAS: How to Get Crew Members

ATLAS: How to Get Crew Members

Acquiring Crewmembers

Pirates don’t work for free, but there are always desperate souls ready to sign on, whether you find them in port or cast adrift on the open sea.


  • You can hire basic crewmembers from the Crew Recruiter in any Freeport for 5 Gold Coins each. Higher-level crewmembers are sometimes found floating in flotsam or the wreckage of ships you’ve sunk in battle and you can hire them to join your crew as well.


  • Crewmembers have an upkeep cost which must continuously be paid.


  • Crewmembers may mutiny against you or die if you fail to give them Gold Coins in the Ship Resources Box or food in the Food Larder for too long.


  • You can move a crewmember from one ship to another using the controls to the right.



Controlling Crewmembers

You can sail a ship on your own, but moving between all the different stations by yourself (helm, sails. cannons, etc.) can be exhausting. Luckily, you can hire NPC crewmembers to follow your orders and do some of the work for you.


  • Using the controls on the right, you can assign a crewmember to work various parts of the ship while you concentrate on steering. Once the crewmember gets to work, you can control manned stations directly without having to leave the helm.


  • Unassigned crewmembers will also repair your ship for you when it’s anchored.


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