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How to Use Anchor in ATLAS

How to Use Anchor in ATLAS

The anchor is a simple but essential part of your ship that prevents it from moving when you’re not onboard. After all, you want your ship to remain where you left it. don’t ya? See the controls below to learn how to weigh (raise) or drop (lower) the anchor.


(While at the helm in shallow water)


Raise Anchor – W


Lower Anchor – X


  • Anchors only work in relatively shallow water.


  • If no one is onboard, a ship with automatically drop anchor in shallow water (as well as automatically raise the sails regardless of water depth).


  • A ship that is anchored for 15 minutes or more is considered “Fully Anchored” (indicated by a green anchor icon on the right side of the screen). Fully anchored ships gain extra resistance, won’t take damage from being overweight/overcrewed, and won’t take damage during peace-time on PvP servers. You can also demolish structures on fully anchored ships to gain resources back from them.


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