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ATLAS – Thirst & Drinking

ATLAS - Thirst & Drinking

In ATLAS, you’re often surrounded by ocean, but you can’t drink seawater. Finding potable water requires some effort.


  • On land, you can dig for water by going prone on low ground, then dig using the controls to the right. You won’t get much water this way, but it beats dehydration.


  • You can also drink directly from freshwater sources on islands (like ponds and rivers) by simply entering them or even in small doses from eating foods like berries.


  • Crafting a Waterskin, Water Jar, or Water Barrel gives you a way to store water to drink later.


  • Water can additionally be collected by digging the ground with a shovel or building a reservoir.


  • You can add water/drinks to your Hotbar and eat from there as well.


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