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We Were Here Too – How to Solve The Puzzles as Lord


Lord Gameplay

You start in room 1, with six different symbols. There are three coffins in the room; take those symbols, and tell them to your partner for him to open the door for you.


In-room 2, there are three different puzzles.


1) To solve the first one, walk up to the book, in the middle of the room, here you will see some candles with numbers displayed on them, tell your partner to light the candles up in the order shown, these will change sometimes, so don’t expect them to be the same all the time!


2) After the first one has been solved, the symbols on the banners will start to glow. Describe them to your partner so that he can solve them on their site.


3) Your partner will now continue to some stairs; this is where you need to be quick. Your partner will see some crosses on the wall; they need to tell you where the compass is facing and where it’s placed; this can be very difficult at first but will get very easy when you start to figure out the system


In-room 3, you will see some armor stands holding weapons and shields, or maybe just one of them.


It would help if you told your partner what hand they are holding the weapon/shield in and the symbol above the armor stand for them to place at the right armor stand. You will know you’ve done it right when the knight’s eyes shine red. We have made a number system to say the number of each weapon, so you won’t have to look for them.


If you don’t want to use that system, don’t look at that picture.


In-room 4, there are also 3’ish puzzles.


1) The first one involves the pictures on the wall. They seem to be the same every time you play (As for right now, it might be changed in an update.) Tell your partner what the picture shows, and they will have to place the pictures in that order on their side.


2) The second trial takes some getting used to, and it’s kinda complicated to explain, but we will do our best. Your partner has to guide a knight that you can’t see on your side, and follow his guidance to kill all the knights.


After the knights are dead, there will spawn a new pond on your side and two new knights on his. He now has to get both of the knights in the tower at the same time.


A new pond will spawn on your side when that is done, and two new knights will spawn at his. He now has to guide them to the gates of the castles. When that is done, his “Chess” plate will drop to enter a new room.


3) You now have to walk to the right side of the room, and enter the door, to a balcony. Where you shall now guide him through a labyrinth, from an “X” marker to the other, be quick tho, there is a timer on it; if they don’t make it, the labyrinth will reset!


In-room 5, there is one puzzle; this one is also kind of hard to explain.


You have six wheels that you can change. But your partner will have to walk you through what order they come in.


This might take a while to get used to; we used way too much time on this on our own, so good luck with this guide, kind of hard to explain when I don’t want to spoil how to solve everything in this part of the guide.


The last room is very simple; only one can leave with the elevator to live. One will have to stand back and let the other out using the steering wheel at the bottom.


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